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Heres our round 2 of July Sponsors!

Amber from My three Bittles!
Hey. I'm Amber. My blog, My three bittles is where I just ramble. Usually on and on until I reach the point that I'm not sure if it even makes sense anymore. No though, I blog about my 3 ittle bittles, living in Alaska, being the wife of a soldier, rants and rambles, things I love, I think I just cover it all. I think overall, I'm a "mommy blog". I'm kind of okay with that though.
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We now have Heather from Blonde Undercover Blonde!
Our life is the perfect mix of camouflage and pink, shotgun shells and nail polish, cowboy boots and high heels. Our stories are 100% true, except for the made up parts; hilarious, except for the serious parts; and everything you'd ever want to know about being a Southern belle.
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I love this girls page!

Tracy from Good Day Howard!

I do online personal styling and wardrobe styling from Sacramento, California. Good Day Howard is my style blog where I post outfits, shopping guides, and photoshoots.  

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This girl is such a doll! I adore her!

Catherine from Life Collection!

Hi there! I'm Catherine. A 28 year old girl living in Northern California with my sweet-love husband and two spoiled pups.
I write about real-true-life and my struggle with depression. I also share poetry, the creative projects I'm working on and
way too many photos of flowers. I love to bake, thrift for vintage wonders, and create at my desk by the sun-lit window.

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Next up is this lovely lady!

Hey I'm Mrs. White and I blog over at Little Homemade Housewife! My blog is a little corner of the internet that I let it be about me; a twenty something who's been blessed with an adoring husband and a new job! I love to connect with other people in the blogosphere, as well as offer the occasional DIY, craft, or recipe when I have the time/money to complete one! More regularly I like to share the graphic designs I do for fellow bloggers, available for purchase in my shop!

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