PERSONAL >> Photo Dump

Meg here! Today I sat down and checked out all the pictures on my SD card. Holy moly! Have I got a photo dump for you!

This guy here is seriously the love of my life. Even though he can be really annoying and stubborn sometimes. He also really likes toes. However, I still adore the heck out of him. <3

This guy. My inspiration. Daily smiles. Almost everything comes from him. He makes me the happiest girl ever.

The two together blow my mind. Unspeakable. They have such a relationship. Love/Hate of course. So this little picture is a rarity and completely fills my heart.

Fall is finally here. I'm so excited. This little leaf was so pretty. I love the color, and love the little rain

Look at this little guy. He was hiding out. I love the color. So pretty. So majestic.

Who can resist open screen doors?! BMO sure cant. He loves watching the squirrels and the birds. Speaking of squirrels. (last blog hint) The squirrels tried to attack him through the screen. He got all bushy tailed like he was going to fight them. LOL silly kitten. How is your fall season so far? I have a little surprise for a little dessert idea. You will see soon!

PERSONAL >> The A to Z of Meg

This my lovelies can be seen all over by Monday bloggers so I decided, why not?! Also, please check out the charming answers by Diana at Our.City.Lights or by Danielle at Sometimes sweet Without further adieu...The A to Z of Meg!!

A. Age: 24
B. Bed size: Full (it is just me)
C. Chore that you hate: Laundry
D. Dogs: None. Except Alex's family puppy.
E. Essential start to your day: Breakfast. It's a must.
F. Favorite color: Yellow(all shades) Teal, green.
G. Gold or Silver: Depends; vintage, gold. Every day me, silver.
H. Height: 5'6
I. Instruments you play: Piano, percussion of sorts.
J. Job title: Administrative assistant. Girlfriend. Kitty mom.
K. Kids: None. Maybe someday. Maybe not.
L. Live. Ohio
M. Mother’s name: Margaret
N. Nicknames: Meg, megneggs, queen Meg, megatron.
O. Overnight hospital stays: None!
P. Pet peeves: Lying.
Q. Quote from a movie: "If what I think is happening, is happening, it better not be." Mrs. Fox (Fantastic Mr. Fox)
R. Right or left handed: Left
S. Siblings: 2: Brother- Ben. Sister- Courtney.
U. Underwear: Clean please?! (Who made this?! Couldn't you have picked..something else?!)
V. Vegetable you hate: Peppers, of any type.
W. What makes you run late: Forgetfulness.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Due to one bad canoe accident: ribs, arm, head. (Least I checked out well)
Y. Yummy food that you make:Desserts any of them.
Z. Zoo animal: The cat house. That is all.

Hope you all enjoyed learning about me!



INSTA-WEEK >> Plates

Hey everyone! I have to apologize we haven't posted. Since my laptop is broken, things have been a little on hold for our blogging. However, don't worry your little pretty faces! I have instagram updates!! First off, I did some thrifting earlier that week. Look at these pretties!

Isn't the last one just adorable!! I brought the plates home and it turned out that I had a matching tea cup already!! I also made a little kitty fort that week. I think he loves it. I also had decided to rename Ringo. After an adventure time character and a funny dream. His new name... Drumroll.... BMO.. Pronounced.. Bee-mo. It's so close to Ringo that he hasn't noticed the difference.

We then had labor day weekend! Eep! What a blast! Spending time with whale-shark's family is always an everlasting experience! We both pulled out some retro clothes and dressed up a bit. Too bad the weather decided to be almost 100 degrees! It was atrocious! But the party was great. Amazing people and scrumptious food!

After that we had a nice lazy weekend. We laid around with bmo.. Watched movies... Alex played games. Bmo watched :)

We then decided to head downtown and go to my favorite restaurant. Pomodori's! It was delicious. So delicious that I forgot to take pictures of the food!

This past weekend I found to be quite lazy. Alex spent time with a friend on Friday so I found myself learning a new craft. Crochet. I really enjoy this! I only took a picture of a chain but man I made some neat stuff! Can you crochet?! Do you have any tips?

The rest of our weekend was as follows... Lazy... We took the family dog Daisy, for a walk. We barely missed the rain. But I got a few good pics.

It was very enjoyable! I hope your past few weeks have been good! We will have some decent posts soon because my laptop needs fixed! Did I mention that today is Alex and mine's 3rd month anniversary?! Well, I know to some of you this may be an amount that's just child's play but to myself it means A lot. After 8 years of friendship we finally decided to try this..and well we figured if we can make it 6 months we can most likely make it through anything. These first three have been terribly busy/stressful for myself, but we are doing fine.. And halfway to that 6 month point! I love you alex! Your amazing!

XO- Meg

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