For those of you who don't know, I have been shamelessly telling EVERYONE about my current upcoming birthday on EASTER, April 8th!
A few people have requested some birthday ideas. Well here you are askers!

1)  If you haven't ever heard of Essie, you will now! This is a great line of nail polish that I absolutely love!
Those wondering, here are the shades I would love to have! By the way, you dont have to purchase them online, you can find Essie Nail polishes at Meijer and Target!

2) Cath Kidston is one of my favorite print makers! Im not big on girly, but apparently with my upcoming 25th birthday I have gotten a little more, how should I say it.. Womanly??
Look at this amazing bag!

3) If anyone didn't know, Alex and I are taking a vacation with his parents in October to the Outer Banks! I cannot wait, I LOVE North Carolina! One of these would be so useful!

The Nook Tablet is amazing!
I've been wanting one forever! 

4) This stunning wallet from Target is adorable!

5) The clutch would go great with this awesome cross body mint purse!

6) Best Buy has THIS great little point and shoot. The Nikon S6200, I could really use this for quick, nice pics( and I don't have to worry about people seeing my big camera and me worrying about someone hijacking it!)

7) This little puppy could be useful too! Considering i'm taking classes online now!

8) For you online enthusiasts, I love and here is a darling little item id enjoy having from there!

9) Speaking of mushrooms! Look here! More modcloth love! Isnt it so CUTE! Squee!


PERSONAL >> 24 years ago...

24 years ago today, a little boy was born. I never would have known in a million years that this boy would make one of the largest impacts on my life ever. A little over seven years ago I met this boy and he became one of the greatest friends I could ever have. He will ALWAYS be my best friend. He is the most charming, witty, and happy guy. I can only hope that every year with him will continue to become more an more fun.

Alexander, I wish you the best of all birthdays. No matter how old you get I will always remember that smile that I met in art class. You are a very special person and my favorite whaleshark. We will have an awesome Saint Patricks fun fest!

I love you,



Painted my nails.
Made muffins.
Cleaned the toilet. Tehehe.
Ordered my laptop hard drive.
Wore my sunglasses.
Made the bed.
Finished The Hunger Games series.

What did you do today?!