INSTA-WEEK >> Apartment Version

Good morning everyone! I wanted to try out my new app Blogpress, and what better way to do it than by showing you my new apartment pictures! Now, some of you may or may not have noticed that I'm a huge thrifter and I love vintage things. Not many people I know share this love with me so when they walk in they always comment. It's normally "interesting" or "old". So It's nice to be able to post online and get awesome feedback from people like me!
This first picture is my bedroom. I bought these suitcases at a thrift store for 2$! They are the prettiest olive green!

Heres a few pictures of my kitchen. It started out as an idea to do a bright blue color and it's transformed into varied colors. I still keep the blue as my main color scheme. Oh and yes, I have bundt pans on the wall! They are so adorable!

This next picture is yes, a dresser. I wanted an older mid-century style china cabinet but when I got my bedroom set I had no room for the dresser and it looks charming in here! Its hard to see but there are tins on both sides :)

And for my last apartment photo-bomb update. My Knicks and knacks. This is my sink area. It is varied with many things. If you notice the top I have all my favorite tins, and on the wall I have my vintage trivets, and spoon holders, also, I have my vintage mugs and awesome froggy sponge holder!

Well, that's all for now. I'm feeling much better than last night and I'm really loving this blog app!!! That means more posts from me :) Alex has class tonight so I'll be with my sister at SAMs club! The weekend is coming up and I have a photo-shoot and al's brothers birthday party.
What are your weekend plans?

PERSONAL >> Stress,inspiration, and kitten cuddling

This week has been kind of stressful for me. I've been working on getting into Cincinnati state and getting my new apartment together, family matters ect. Lucky for me I have alot of great guys and gals that I follow on blogs that give me some great inspiration relief/therapy. I've had alot of reading I've been doing and getting some awesome fashion, DIY, and decor ideas. Alex and I have seen each other off and on. I'm really glad that I have such a great guy that supports me and gives me lots of encouragement. Today he was drawing up blueprints for our new blog header on a notepad. How cute!he also drew a stick figure giving another stick figure(with a beehive hairstyle)a bouquet of flowers eek, he's so sweet! It's the little things. We are such great friends let alone an awesome team/couple. I feel for him because Ive been an emotional wreck lately. I work great under stress and pressure but I also turn into medusa. I'm just glad I have him and have such awesome people in my life that support me. I've gotten alot done around the apartment. The kitchen is finally done, except for finding a blue rug which I've yet to find the perfect one. That's it for tonight. I need my rest! Finally ringo has settled down and is hopefully ready for bed. He keeps dragging his fur mice into the bed and he will play with them all night while I'm (trying) to sleep. I can't help but think it's cute though.

PERSONAL >> Fantastic Mr. Fox

1. I loved the movie. Is that George Clooney?!

Alex here.  Figured I'd attempt to post a blog.  I wanted to tell everyone a little more about me.  I enjoy doing various things, Video games mostly.  I enjoy working.  I do engineering stuff as Meg said, I'm technically a Engineering Technician.  I do mostly bonding of test specimens. Carbon Fiber composites.  Pretty awesome stuff imo.  I love the work.  I share a lot of the hobbys that Meg has though she is much more.. consistent.  Meg is awesome though.  Don't think I can stress that.  She went with me to my senior prom which was totally WIZARD!*, and not to mention us hanging out intermittenly throughout the years.  If one thing has been consistent through the years its been her.

Oh?! I hear ya, hanging on...cliff hanger... I was sick.  Yea, I'm already better, I'm all ached out still, but I'm feeling tons better, got this exciting trip up towards Cleveland, gonna be freaking sweet. Hotel room. Pool. Food!. One of the greatest loves we share is our love for food.  Which is great.  Well. I really don't know what else to ramble on about.

    Alex :D

*Wizard = Awesome = Epic (I use them all)

PERSONAL >> Boyfriend blues

Well I havent seen Alex in two days and to be honest I feel like a small child that lost it's mother. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't known that he's sick.I have a ridiculous maternal instinct to want to take care of him but he's got an awesome momma that I'm sure will take great care of him. I'm very excited though, tonight I'm attending my first ever real bingo with my sister and family! Also, we have great plans in store for the weekend!! My company is holding a 25th anniversary party at our main location in Cleveland! So it will be like a mini weekend getaway for us! Plus it's very close to one of the largest fresh water beaches! Eek! The thought is so exciting, I know it's not ocean water but it's close enough! It will be a blast and I'm sure we will have TONS of pictures to post! Until then!!

PERSONAL >> Us Vs. The World

Hey hey people. Alex and Meg here, mostly Alex. Meg is in a fit as we try to finally get the header on our blog here set up to be absolutely wizard. Of course we can't figure out how to get the stuff all doodled up and set up as our header.

-covers head-

We have been marvelously busy over the last bit, least I have. Continue to find myself more and more tired from work even though i spend most of my time sitting on the ass. Lol. I'm enjoying the work though. My five year reunion is coming up though, kind of excited. And Kind of not.

I'm torn.

Hey everyone! It's Meg :)
I believe Sir Alexander ran out of things to say so I'll continue. It's almost the weekend! Well today is my Friday :) eek! Tonight I'm going to slaving away at my dirty apartment and visiting some friends(maybe play some black ops!) and alex is in class tonight. Tomorrow I'm off to the doctor and alex is going to see Captain America with his friend. Hopefully we can end up together by the end of the night. Saturday I'm going to a friends yard sale in Springdale, then off to alex's reunion. Maybe some borderlands? Hm. It's gonna be a great weekend. Thanks to all of you following us. We are trying to get buttons for our favorite reads(Mine mostly) and get our blog together. I'm not very good at this though :-/ oh well it will be together very soon!

Bye for now!

PERSONAL >> Hey There!

Hi everyone. It's Meghan. I'm making the first post for Alex and I. We are a young ambitious couple striving to make the best out of everything and having alot of adventures along the way. Our story is a simple one. We met 8 years ago in high school where we had very little classes together. I would always steal his hoodie in our art class due to being cold. We attended Alex's senior prom together just as friends and had a blast. From then on I had already graduated and we stayed friends off and On throughout the next few years. He dated others as did I. We went through alot together as friends and we each kind of held our feelings back. Finally this year *like in an 80's movie* Alex professed his feelings and we became a couple. This is a blog of our daily life and love. I work in an office and am an aspiring photographer, thrifter,and cat lady. Alex does some engineering type things and enjoys video games :) we currently don't live together but we have tons of time. Things are always an adventure with us. Thats just my side of the story.