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1. I loved the movie. Is that George Clooney?!

Alex here.  Figured I'd attempt to post a blog.  I wanted to tell everyone a little more about me.  I enjoy doing various things, Video games mostly.  I enjoy working.  I do engineering stuff as Meg said, I'm technically a Engineering Technician.  I do mostly bonding of test specimens. Carbon Fiber composites.  Pretty awesome stuff imo.  I love the work.  I share a lot of the hobbys that Meg has though she is much more.. consistent.  Meg is awesome though.  Don't think I can stress that.  She went with me to my senior prom which was totally WIZARD!*, and not to mention us hanging out intermittenly throughout the years.  If one thing has been consistent through the years its been her.

Oh?! I hear ya, hanging on...cliff hanger... I was sick.  Yea, I'm already better, I'm all ached out still, but I'm feeling tons better, got this exciting trip up towards Cleveland, gonna be freaking sweet. Hotel room. Pool. Food!. One of the greatest loves we share is our love for food.  Which is great.  Well. I really don't know what else to ramble on about.

    Alex :D

*Wizard = Awesome = Epic (I use them all)

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