INSTA-WEEK >> Kitty Shirts

Here are some great instagram photos from our week!
We went to a huge yard sale,got Macy a new bed, Beemo a new shirt, I got some kitty love, planted some veggies, and watched beemo wait for Macy to come in from her potty breaks.

PERSONAL >> What my mornings are like

Every morning I love waking up. HAHA! Who am I kidding! I HATE waking up in the mornings. However, its the mundane task I am required to do in order to maintain the lifestyle I live. However, one great thing about waking up so early, and about living on the top floor of our condominium is that we get GREAT morning sun. I love natural sunlight and even more so to wake up to. So here you are. Some great little things in life that I love every morning!

 Okay, so I know I have some embarrassingly dirty windows! I haven't cleaned them at all since we moved into the place, and I am totally hoping to clean them soon. Don't you just love those golden curtains!? I first started with a little yellow tin set(which I will post soon) and then moved on to little hints of yellow around our tiny little kitchen. I just LOVE mustard yellow. It makes me swoon. Also, I adore that little rosemary plant and the upcoming cilantro plants next to it. This window makes for great small gardening. Do you get alot of morning sun?

                                                       Have a great day!

PERSONAL >> Have you met Macy?

Good Morning everyone, Meg here. So its been a while since we have posted anything, and I know I could list a million reasons why, but I will spare you. Lets just say to the least that we have been SUPER busy! If you haven't noticed, please check out me and my sisters shop! The queens of clean soap co. Currently we use only melt and pour soaps, but we are slowly learning about cold process soaps! Along with work, school, and keeping a house together,we decided to be lunatics; we got a puppy!

Everyone meet Macy, our new Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is cute, a handful, smart, and most of all a pain in the butt! She has learned many tricks, and seems to never outwit the cats of course. (I'm sorry, that must be the cat person in me talking!) However she is a doll, shes super smart and very loving when shes tired. Its been a complete adventure for us and hopefully it will continue to be a blast. On to other things, currently, every morning I'm waking at 5:40 with Alex to get up with the pup and keep her busy, aside from cleaning, that leaves me with tons of time to do things. Including blogging! So hopefully I can get some housework, awesome blog posts, and tons of vintage goody pics from our little home. How early do you wake up? What do you usually do when you wake up that early?

Have a good day!