DIY>> Fall Craft Link Up #1

Hey everyone! I wanted this fall to be awesome! Not only for me, but for you guys as well, so starting today I am introducing a new link up that will probably be seasonal, this first link up begins with fall! I know how much all the readers and bloggers I follow love fall, but what about all those crafts that you can do??!! There are tons, all those acorns, leaves, pine cones  knitting with tea/coffee, crochet, hey, I could go on forever! So here is my first link up ladies/gents, I hope you enjoy and participate, the only thing that could come out of it is just a little fun!

For my first link up I have a little common craft. The dreaded pom-pom garland. Now I don't know if you have a fireplace, but the one great thing that charmed me into our condo was the fireplace and mantle. Anyone who has a fireplace can understand, the mantle can be the most fun, and most complicating place ever! Sometimes you don't know what to put up there, and sometimes you feel like a genius for the placement of various items that you have arranged. What I love?? Pom-Pom Garland. I've seen this craft done TONS of ways, however I feel like a doofus trying to do them. So I broke it down...okay yeah, so you ask, how much more can you possibly break it down Meg? Well, im talking grade school people! Well, here you are my friends, enjoy, and link up! 

Whatcha think?! Okay so here is your instructions people. 

Gather your tools, Yarn, Needle, Scissors, and a fork
You can either use the fork, or your hand, I tried both, I also used retro rug yarn so its much thicker.

1) wrap the yarn pretty thick (not tight) around your hand/fork.
2) Cut a small piece of yarn off.
3) Take the loop of yarn off your hand(if you using that) and tie string around the whole loop.
4) If your using a fork, fit the string through the middle and tie.
5) Cut both looped ends for your little pom friend to begin.
6) Pouf it out and trim the edges. TA-DA!(Now make tons!)
7) Take your needle and other yarn(measure it for where your putting it) then put it through the center. 
8) Its like stringing popcorn people!
9) I really wanted 10 total numbers. 
10) Enjoy and love your pom-pom garland! I know I do!

I hope everyone enjoyed that and please link up your awesome crafts, they can be whatever you would like, as long as they have a bit of a fall theme! (Recipes allowed)

PERSONAL>> A Birthday fit for a future Pastor

So this past weekend was the 21st birthday party of my best-est family friend AKA "brother from another mother". Hes currently preparing and learning to be pastor! Im so very proud of him because hes a wonderful person and a great person to hear speak or to talk to! I honestly feel like this job was something that was completely set for him to do since day 1. So to surprise him for his 21st birthday, we all went to the family church{which is so lovely} and celebrated some good times, and good food, and even had a game of hide and seek in the dark! Enjoy!

Fun Right?!

It was a blast! 

WEARABLE WEDNESDAY>>Turning a new leaf

Turning a new leaf


Arent you excited for fall? I love gold accents with brown and this collection is just perfect
for a mild day!

PERSONAL>> Our big life changes

So, I guess Ill never tell anyone im fat, I dont really like the word, but I have come to accept it, because honestly its just that, a word. Ive always wanted to lose a bit, but just for health reasons and family health history, because people..I love my body! Its fun at times, but a bummer at others, I've got the chest to fit into the pretty tops, but then other times a slinky dress isnt exactly flattering. However, I've come to live with this lovely self that I am. 

Recently we were brought into the world of Weight Watchers, and let me begin with, and in no way or terms am I paid to write this post. So, with that said, approximately yesterday, we both began the weight watchers journey. I never realized the things I put into my body, and the multiple tastes and snacks that I ate without realizing it. I don't think I have the full picture yet, but after a long night of cooking last night, and measuring, and being careful,  I realized that those things were important for me to live a healthy lifestyle. I can still eat, by golly I CAN eat, but just smarter. Im not talking salads and nothing else all day people, Im talking REAL food! 

So I hope you will all bear with us through this journey and help support this great decision we have made. Its really not a "weight" thing, but it is...weight is important and you cant be too overweight because of the health effects it takes on your body(short and long term).
So here is to us! I hope you all understand this journey and understand that I still wholeheartedly believe in "fat acceptance" and loving your body.

RECIPE BOX>> Portobello Pizza's

Sorry for the late post today you guys, I get home from my day job, go to the grocery, make dinner, make lunches, and guess what?! Its bed time...sigh. I've been feeling a bit feisty lately, but that's because we have been making some big changes that I will share with you soon, however, I've got an easy and yummy recipe for you today! 

So here you go. Portobello Pizza's

Easy, Fun, and Yummy.

You need:
Large portobello mushroom caps
Pizza Sauce
Any other fixins!

Step 1) Clean mushrooms & break off stems if necessary.
Step 2) Preheat oven to 350 Degrees.
Step 3) Add sauce, items, and top with cheese.
Step 4) Put in the oven.
Step 5) Leave until cheese is melted or crispy if you like it that way!

What do you think? I love mushrooms, this is just another way for me to get my fix!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

A few days ago we went to the park! It was so much fun, and the air smells so great! I cant wait till ALL the leaves have changed. I have some fun fall tutorials and great recipes coming up too! I really cannot wait to share them all with you. I want to just post them all in one day, but whats the fun in that?! So, to say goodbye to the end of summer, and wish in this lovely fall aura so behold, I give you these fun park photos!

Okay besides the irresistible corgi face, my favorite photo is the bumble bee! I love bees, honey, and all the above! I actually have really been wanting to do this little tutorial by the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess, but I haven't seen any local beeswax! Dont forget, we are doing some free ad swaps, and more! Visit here for more info!

I hope you enjoy your lovely fall!