Jeans: Target {via}
Shoes: Target {via}
T-Shirt: My Tee Spot {via}

Hello everyone! It's your bodacious friend, Alex.  Yes. Bodacious. It's an attractive word.  Today is the beginning of Wearable Wednesday! Meg and I plan on alternating weekly, so you'll get to see the awesome things we would love to have to wear.  Though to be quite frank, I wear either tee shirts or polos. (Polos for work and "fancy" occasions.)

Do you know what time it is people?!
Adventure Time!

I love that show.  It's so epic. Perfect level of quirky behavior mixed with a little adult humor. Totally childish, I'm a lover of cartoons.  And I saw this shirt a long time ago, and even when I saw the episode of Adventure Time wear Jake was hiding in Finn's pocket I got kind of excited cause it was an excellent shirt idea!  So bam! 
There it is.

Jeans are really default.  I wear jeans all the time.  (irrelevant fact) I actually purchased a pair of pants that were not khakis or denim jeans for the first time when we went to the winery. But seriously, I wear jeans. A lot! But good old comfortable jeans are all I need.

Shoes. I don't know what to really classify these shoes as.  I call them slip ons.  I guess that's right. (I just had to ask Meg and she said it is.) But I like them, anything I don't have to tie is all right with me.  Not that tying my shoes takes forever.  But it just sucks having to bend down and retie them.  And I apparently cannot do it right cause my shoes always find a way to weasel out of their knots! Even when double knotted.  (Jerks.) The slip ons are comfortable, though not for long periods of standing in my opinion. 

Pretty snazzy correct?!
Dapper in a casual style.
Keep your chin up! 

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  1. I need that shirt in my closet. Adventure Time is awesome.


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