Hey guys! Meg here! I cannot believe its already friday! Tomorrow we have a wedding, and im also hoping to have something super special for you tomorrow, we will see, its going to be a busy day tonight and tomorrow. So, to keep your mind moving today, Id like to give you some lovely art that will keep you thinking about it!

Isnt this photo lovely?

How Peculiar 8x10 

Oh and this, its self explanitory.

I'm One Crazy Cat Lady 5x7 Print - Teal Turquoise - Fun Kitty Animal Lover Home Decor Poster

This, is so lovely, I adore houses.

San Francisco Hill houses - art print

Well, who couldnt love this one.

home is wherever i'm with you... embroidered wall art

How can you not resist this succulents print!?
Potted Succulents 8.5x11" Print

I hope you enjoy your Friday! Its off to work for me!


  1. Ooh love all of these! The deer on silverware is so interesting and pretty!

    Happy Friday!

    xx, C

  2. I love the cute little deer's on the silverware so cute, am also loving
    home is wherever I'm with you" sign.


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