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WHAT WE WORE >> Proud of our size!

So we had a great weekend and I hope you did too! This is what we wore on Monday to Alex's parents house. It was a good time and for such a good cause(birthday). I have once again re-vamped the blog and am very happy with what I have done. I hope you enjoy it too! Also, we are looking into working with passionfruit ads to first sell FREE ads and do ad swaps, eventually in a few months that will change so get it while you can(more information by the end of the week!). Id like to also mention that Im STILL a size 16! Take that link up! If you want to post your size please visit Rachele's link up at TheNearsightedOwl.

Macy wore the usual.

Look @ This fella! Isn't he darling?! Hes all mine ladies! Back Off!  : P

I even did my nails with the nail art pen. Just a million dots. LOL.

How was your Monday?! Im very excited to be reading so many new blogs and cant wait to roll out my added on list of good reads soon!

See ya everyone! 


Hey Guys!

Well here is a group of beauties that we are about to add to the shop. Hopefully these will be up this week sometime, see anything you like? Well right now, if you go to our Facebook you can get free shipping or 10% off any item! Great deal right?! Thats what I thought!
My sister and I did a small bit of thrifting yesterday, and opened an account at the bank for the shop. It was fun thrifting, it had been a long week and I needed it. Alex and I then enjoyed our evening with some of the greatest friends! 
Today has been a relaxing day of cleaning, working on the blog(What do you think?) and being lazy. I can help but link up to Amy Morby @ http://amymorby.com/ because she provided the free little pieces of clipart that are just so AMAZING and easy to work with in Photoshop! A million thanks AMY!
While thrifting I picked up some much needed and wanted items I had been searching for. Here you go. (Disclaimer:These arent going in the shop! Alllllll mine!)

Arent they darling?! Its almost like noone had ever opened them. Alex and I want to have a dinner party and we would love to make it fondue and snacks! That would be sooo much fun! Not to mention at .29 a book I would love to have every old recipe book there!
I put them in my favorite little hutch with all my goodies!

Oh and I got this too. 

Oh and this is funny/cute.

His faces are great. He should be on the table but he was checking out the thrift finds. 
So I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into our home. This is our mantle in our condo, Its taken me a while to collect my owls, and the little readers digest books, but I love it. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Oh and I just found that "D" today!

How is your weekend? I hope your enjoying it, I know I am!

Hey Friends!

Hey everyone! How are you?! Its been a bit quiet in the Dameron-Clark household, we have been busy with the shop, the puppy,school, a NEW car(Alex will tell you about that soon), and soooo much more.

I wanted to let you in on a  little secret...

My sis and I finally sold some items in the shop! WOOOOHOOO! I was so stoked. Okay only two items but still, it takes time. It was seriously the most exciting thing ever though.

 I really need your guys help! Im offering an exchange, or even a discount. Whichever you prefer.

I would like each and everyone of you to make a post about the shop, or mention the shop in your post, even a link will do. That would be so helpful for our blog, and our shop.

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If your not interested in that, how about you post your link to our shop, or blog, or both, and we will give you free shipping or a special discount.

All you need to do is email us at guppyandwhaleshark[AT]gmail.com

Just let us know what you choose!

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Thanks so much for your support guys!

THRIFTY THURSDAY >> The Joy of thrifting

For many years I have been a thrifter. There's nothing like the feeling of searching high and low for something for months, or even years, and then finally, Omph! There it is!!!! My sister and I are complete opposites, however when we decided to go into this joint Etsy shop venture, we found thrifting to finally be something we could enjoy together, not only that but shes a modern chic lady, im totally vintage all the way! When we started the shop I let her browse around and showed her some key ideas for what could and could not be vintage/retro. Once she got into it I finally got to see myself from another view. Walking down the isles of the thrift store, searching everywhere, there it was, some thermoses that she had originally found, and she had found more colors!

 It was a great experience seeing her so happy to have found some similar and to know what they were! It was like winning the lottery. Oh, and just in case you wondered, the thermoses are in the shop! :) Happy thrifting everyone! May you find all your dreams!

WHAT I WORE >> Im Proud of my size!

Ive never really been ashamed of the way I looked. I wish sometimes I were healthier and exercised more, and maybe that I were thinner. However in all honesty, I still adore who I am! I'm like no one else and that's what makes me..me. When Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl began this great tribute to loving yourself whether your a size 0 or a size 20 I was thrilled. Everyone should love their body. No matter what your size. Please go to Rachele's site and check out the amazing group of girls, myself included, and see just how great it is to be you! So here it is ladies and gents. My truth.

Yes Everyone! Im a size 16! I feel like being my self is the only way to be, no matter what my size. Just for good measure, enjoy these also so very great pics below, and if your not afraid to blog your size. Go for it! Link up!


THRIFTY THURSDAY >> Shop updates!

Hey guys! Long efforts to get better pics in the shop, I have added tons of new pics and some great new items. Check them out!

Arent they all great! If anyone has any tips on how to get better lighting, or make better lighting, oh how I would love that. Im very excited to be starting this journey, especially with my sisters help. Whether we fail or not isnt the question. Its the fact of enjoying such great time together and history in each and every piece we choose! If you havent seen the shop you can see it here.


PERSONAL >> Lately

We have really been busy. Luckily im working really hard to make this shop thing work and to keep blogging! I have tons of posts I need to work on, but my current English class is killing me! Im finished in one more week! YAY! I have some great pet pictures for you!

The EEVIL face of Beemo the Great!
Hes always up for a game or two.
I love these two! Isnt Macy getting big!
We had a great time at the park!

Isnt Beemos face the best?! Im so glad I caught that picture! This week I have been cooking at home, cleaning, working on my essay, and preparing the shop for better pictures and more items! Are you excited? I am! Theres an annual yard sale this weekend through our local animal shelter, I am so excited and hope to pick up some great things for the shop, plus all the proceeds go to a great cause!



My sister and I have been working on preparing items for our shop, we finally have a few up. Im still not completely happy with the lighting/backgrounds but we will get better. I have some ideas that can spruce things up. If you haven't seen the shop we have re named it and added some great vintage items! There is so much more to come also!

Please visit our shop: One + One = 2

Set of two Seafoam ABC Melamine Cups