Hey Guys!

Well here is a group of beauties that we are about to add to the shop. Hopefully these will be up this week sometime, see anything you like? Well right now, if you go to our Facebook you can get free shipping or 10% off any item! Great deal right?! Thats what I thought!
My sister and I did a small bit of thrifting yesterday, and opened an account at the bank for the shop. It was fun thrifting, it had been a long week and I needed it. Alex and I then enjoyed our evening with some of the greatest friends! 
Today has been a relaxing day of cleaning, working on the blog(What do you think?) and being lazy. I can help but link up to Amy Morby @ because she provided the free little pieces of clipart that are just so AMAZING and easy to work with in Photoshop! A million thanks AMY!
While thrifting I picked up some much needed and wanted items I had been searching for. Here you go. (Disclaimer:These arent going in the shop! Alllllll mine!)

Arent they darling?! Its almost like noone had ever opened them. Alex and I want to have a dinner party and we would love to make it fondue and snacks! That would be sooo much fun! Not to mention at .29 a book I would love to have every old recipe book there!
I put them in my favorite little hutch with all my goodies!

Oh and I got this too. 

Oh and this is funny/cute.

His faces are great. He should be on the table but he was checking out the thrift finds. 
So I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into our home. This is our mantle in our condo, Its taken me a while to collect my owls, and the little readers digest books, but I love it. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Oh and I just found that "D" today!

How is your weekend? I hope your enjoying it, I know I am!


  1. Love the mantle! Your place looks so cute and the owls are awesome!!

  2. Thanks so much! And your right, i need to resize my pics! LOL!

  3. your mantle is amazingggg. that woodwork. and those owls. i'm in love.


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