Hey Friends!

Hey everyone! How are you?! Its been a bit quiet in the Dameron-Clark household, we have been busy with the shop, the puppy,school, a NEW car(Alex will tell you about that soon), and soooo much more.

I wanted to let you in on a  little secret...

My sis and I finally sold some items in the shop! WOOOOHOOO! I was so stoked. Okay only two items but still, it takes time. It was seriously the most exciting thing ever though.

 I really need your guys help! Im offering an exchange, or even a discount. Whichever you prefer.

I would like each and everyone of you to make a post about the shop, or mention the shop in your post, even a link will do. That would be so helpful for our blog, and our shop.

In exchange, I am willing to post you as a FREE sponsor. Yes, its free! Whether I add a button on our sidebar(which is pretty blank right now), or a link in an upcoming post, or even an interview or feature post. You PICK! (Yes its that easy!)

If your not interested in that, how about you post your link to our shop, or blog, or both, and we will give you free shipping or a special discount.

All you need to do is email us at guppyandwhaleshark[AT]gmail.com

Just let us know what you choose!

Visit the shop at:

Thanks so much for your support guys!

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