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We have really been busy. Luckily im working really hard to make this shop thing work and to keep blogging! I have tons of posts I need to work on, but my current English class is killing me! Im finished in one more week! YAY! I have some great pet pictures for you!

The EEVIL face of Beemo the Great!
Hes always up for a game or two.
I love these two! Isnt Macy getting big!
We had a great time at the park!

Isnt Beemos face the best?! Im so glad I caught that picture! This week I have been cooking at home, cleaning, working on my essay, and preparing the shop for better pictures and more items! Are you excited? I am! Theres an annual yard sale this weekend through our local animal shelter, I am so excited and hope to pick up some great things for the shop, plus all the proceeds go to a great cause!


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