PERSONAL >> A Yuletide Kitty Christmas

This past weekend we took some great kitty Christmas pictures. Here they are. Also! Great News! We are looking at possibly setting up a free sponsorship! We are still new to all of this but we were completely inspired by Mandi @  I love her page! She is also TOO sweet!  So if your looking for a FREE way to get your blog name out there, just as we are. Keep an eye out! Now for some kitty love!

Hope you all have a good evening. You should be seeing some posts from Alex soon ( I hope)!


I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving I have been thankful for so much. I have such a supportive family, a loving and supportive boyfriend, and some past friend connections rekindled. Im so very thankful for my family, they have been deep in my thoughts lately, ive been doing alot of growing up this past year and its very great to have them behind me the whole way. Ive been working on an essay for class about my dad and that has him deep in my thoughts as well. Alex has been the light of my life these past 6 months, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Hes so very good to me, he makes me smile every day, and never has ever given up on me. My two little kitties are also so close to my heart. They always are there to make me smile when I think things get too hard. Alex's family has been also very supportive, in my initiatives for an education. Its so great to have so many people around that care about you. Ive also rekindled some friendships that I once thought were lost. My heart is so full right now! I am so happy! Well, we decided that going out on black Friday is probably a terrible idea. So, we headed out, got some food, and started thrifting. Let me tell you! What a great idea it was. I got some amazing deals, and I spent under 13$!! Im only posting a few of them, some were clothing.

Dont you love it all?! I was so giddy, everything was so adorable. So I found the string art owl, lots of clothes, an owl trivet( I now have 2) , cute candy jar( like one my granny used to have), a really large glass with neat fonts of different foods, and an adorable flowered mug.


I love the fluted mug (someone correct me if thats not what they are called) Its so cute, and the string art owl. Well, I squealed a little inside. Did you go shopping today? We are spending the rest of the day relaxing, doing homework, playing video games, etc. 



So the past few weekends have been a blur. Finally this weekend Ive gotten some time to finally sit down and blog. Im a bit behind so I have a huge photo bomb for you. I first must show you these adorable kittens.

Isnt princess so cute with her bow in her hair. AUGH! so cute! I want to squeeze her fluffy self.
We enjoyed a great time at the park. Working on a little project of mine. We managed to have a blast and I managed to fall in a hole and hurt my ankle! Oh well, it was totally worth it!

I love the fall. Its my favorite season EVER!
And this guy....

 Cant forget about myself, or the many pretties we found. So much fun fall stuff!

Dont you just love mushrooms??!!?!

That smile...pulls the heartstrings ladies... that's what he does to me.

How was your halloween? Are you enjoying fall?! I know I am.

For now,

AT HOME >> Photos

Why hello there! Meg here! I have to apologize for the short hiatus. A lot has happened. Let me fill you in. First off my little baby sister got married. She was so beautiful.

We then had a great weekend of going to the Renaissance festival, and an awesome ghost walk. While we were at the ghost walk we adopted an adorable stray. I feel so great about taking her in and giving her a warm home. Her and Beems are getting along great. If you know anything about us, we named B.M.O or Beems from a character from Adventure Time. Beems is portrayed as a little personal gaming computer type person. We decided to name the new cat LSP short for Lumpy Space Princess. This is once again another character from Adventure Time. They dont really interact but since shes such a princess the name fits. (We call her princess for short). Beems is on the left and Princess on the right.

Other than that news I have taken some pictures of my most favorite apartment items. Here they are:

This above is my olive green suitcase set and my adorable crewel pictures. The kids with the umbrella is so adorable, and I love the oval shape.
The picture below is my little DIY I tried for my vintage brooch's.

This next picture is in my office area. Its more crewel and the adorable mushroom pic. Don't you just love it?

This picture below hangs in my bathroom. If you look closely you can see my vintage sheet shower curtain. Back to the picture, I'm totally in love with this quote. It has so much meaning to me as far as my love for vintage/retro items in my home.

Also in my bathroom, the totally not vintage clock and totally adorable school tins. I LOVE tins.

So what do you think? I have a great new post soon. I may have found an amazing VINTAGE couch!

RECIPE BOX >> Apple Crisp II

Good evening everyone. Id like to welcome you to another reoccurring blog post; Sunday Night Sweets. This is as little post about great desserts I find and post. My first dessert: Apple Crisp II. I found this recipe on All Recipes. I love this website, it has great reviews, tips and tricks. I found this dessert very easy to make. You can almost make the entire thing in ONE bowl! I cant forget to mention how absolutely tasty it is. Perfect with vanilla ice cream. I really recommend this treat for a lazy fall weekend.

What is your favorite fall dessert? I love any dessert that involves apples. Hope your weekend was fantastic. We had two birthday parties, lots of lazy, and I have fantastic news, I got my admission letter to Cincinnati State! I'm so very excited. I just re-worked the blog. What do you think?

PERSONAL >> Photo Dump

Meg here! Today I sat down and checked out all the pictures on my SD card. Holy moly! Have I got a photo dump for you!

This guy here is seriously the love of my life. Even though he can be really annoying and stubborn sometimes. He also really likes toes. However, I still adore the heck out of him. <3

This guy. My inspiration. Daily smiles. Almost everything comes from him. He makes me the happiest girl ever.

The two together blow my mind. Unspeakable. They have such a relationship. Love/Hate of course. So this little picture is a rarity and completely fills my heart.

Fall is finally here. I'm so excited. This little leaf was so pretty. I love the color, and love the little rain

Look at this little guy. He was hiding out. I love the color. So pretty. So majestic.

Who can resist open screen doors?! BMO sure cant. He loves watching the squirrels and the birds. Speaking of squirrels. (last blog hint) The squirrels tried to attack him through the screen. He got all bushy tailed like he was going to fight them. LOL silly kitten. How is your fall season so far? I have a little surprise for a little dessert idea. You will see soon!