So the past few weekends have been a blur. Finally this weekend Ive gotten some time to finally sit down and blog. Im a bit behind so I have a huge photo bomb for you. I first must show you these adorable kittens.

Isnt princess so cute with her bow in her hair. AUGH! so cute! I want to squeeze her fluffy self.
We enjoyed a great time at the park. Working on a little project of mine. We managed to have a blast and I managed to fall in a hole and hurt my ankle! Oh well, it was totally worth it!

I love the fall. Its my favorite season EVER!
And this guy....

 Cant forget about myself, or the many pretties we found. So much fun fall stuff!

Dont you just love mushrooms??!!?!

That smile...pulls the heartstrings ladies... that's what he does to me.

How was your halloween? Are you enjoying fall?! I know I am.

For now,

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