PERSONAL >> A Yuletide Kitty Christmas

This past weekend we took some great kitty Christmas pictures. Here they are. Also! Great News! We are looking at possibly setting up a free sponsorship! We are still new to all of this but we were completely inspired by Mandi @  I love her page! She is also TOO sweet!  So if your looking for a FREE way to get your blog name out there, just as we are. Keep an eye out! Now for some kitty love!

Hope you all have a good evening. You should be seeing some posts from Alex soon ( I hope)!


  1. That argyle sweater is TOO stinkin' cute! :)
    Thanks for the mention and I'm looking forward to having you as a sponsor!
    - Mandi @

  2. Thanks so much Mandi! We are so excited to sponsor you!


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