FRIDAY FAVORITES >> #13 Foxy Friends

I hope that you are having a lovely November, now that Thanksgiving has passed snow has begun to fall, and I dont know why, but I always think of pretty red foxes on lovely white snow. What do you think of?

Lil' Foxes, Post Earrings
Plush Fox Pillow. Woodblock Printed. Customizable Colors. Made to Order.
Fox Tie
Fox Spun Cotton Holiday Ornament - Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament - Made to Order
Bamboo Fox Wall Clock: Wood Animal Kids Clock Woodland Nursery Decor
Feelin' Foxy?

THRIFTY THURSDAY >> Hats, Ships, and Ornaments

Hey guys! I hope your week is going well, today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! On Saturday we are going to look at a house for the second time! This time we are taking our families, we both really adore this house, but may keep looking. Im excited but not as excited as Alex is. Today I give you some lovely super thrifty things!

 I am so excited about these lovely home ornaments. Not only do I love the metal ornaments, but these are way unique.

 You cant tell me that these bears on a bench arent adorable. We love them.

 Alex adores this lovely find. Some lovely Libbey glasses with ships on them, perfect beer glasses.

 I found this lovely hat and cant wait to wear it! Also, its my first ever union tag buy!

 Here is the inside of my hat! I couldn't believe I found a union label! If you visit here you can find tons of information on them!

Last but not least, this lovely little kitten ornament. Its so adorable!

Have you been thrifting?! Feel free to link up!


School Days

Top- via
Skirt- via
Shoes- via
Scarf- via
Earrings- via

I dont know about you guys, but im IN LOVE with this cute outfit, find a bit cheaper shirt, and BAM, you have a cheap and adorable outfit!


DAY IN PHOTOS >> Chili and Socks

I thought I would start a new little series, where I go through one of my days (typically weekends) and show you some lovely photos of what I do. Its not necessarily every hour but its throughout the day. Sorry some are blurry im still getting used to my little travel camera.

This is a skating rink in our area that is rarely used.

Its skyline time!

Beemo got a new crinkle mouse bag.

Im obsessed with Cincinnati ornaments.

This guy is an oldie!

Hey I can see myself!

Another Cincinnati!

Creepy, yet adorable!

I love the clip ornaments!

This one is Alex's Favorite! 

Beemo went out on the balcony!

I listened to music!

Macy played with her new toy.

I went thrifting!

My brother and Alex played Xbox.

Beemo and I played on photoshop.

Beemo knew he wasn't allowed on the table, but I let him because of this cute face.

Blurry but cute Target socks.

Well that was fun! This was from the previous weekend, but im sure you dont want pictures of my day at work!

SHOP SALE >> Cyber Monday 50% Off!

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Im thankful for...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The past few weeks for us have been stressful and busy and its so nice to enjoy a lovely relaxing night at home. We have stuffed ourselves for days and enjoyed every minute of it. I even got so full that my tummy actually hurt! I wanted to share some pictures of our friends Thanksgiving, and tell you what Im thankful for this season. So first up are some great pictures of our dinner.

We had such a blast making food, feeling like grown ups, and enjoying the friendly company. I cant wait to try and top my own dish next year! Here is my own list of thankful blessings that I am so happy to have!

My Spouse- Okay well hes not my spouse YET but Alex is a saint when it comes to dealing with me, I have alot of hormone issues and can be a bear to deal with and he has the biggest heart ever, however that takes me to blessing number two.

My Freedom- Im not just talking about the American freedom here. Most recently I stopped taking that yucky pill/medicine that puts me through so many ups and downs. So, im thankful for that.

Our Home- Even though our quaint little condo is a great little place, im so happy to be looking for a house. Not only is it the most stressful experience, its also fun and you learn tons!

My family- I love my family and extended family more than life, and im so thankful to be a part of Alex's family as well, they have always been so welcoming and helpful.

My health- Though Alex and I could use more workouts and better eating habits, we are both in good health, and that is a blessing.

Our friends- Im so thankful for you blogger friends, and our hometown friends. Ill be honest, I dont have many personal friends at all, you blogger friends mean more to me than you will ever know.


Hey guys! I hope your withstanding the Black Friday crowds! I dont really go out much, one because of the crowds, and two, its cold...So I stay home, in my cozy bed. Since ive been doing some yummy cooking lately, I thought id share my most favorite Pyrex dishes! Here you are!

Vintage PYREX Black Snowflake Promotional 1 1/2 QT Divided Casserole Dish
Pyrex bowls 1960s
Pyrex Pink Daisy Cinderella Oval Casserole
Vintage 1960s Pyrex "Town & Country" Casserole Dishes, 471, 043,  Harvest Gold, Brown White
These dishes are just darling, I want each and every one!


Keeping Warm
Shirt- via
Shoes- via
Beanie- via
Belt- via
I really love this outfit, it's simple, looks super warm, and super comfy!



FRIDAY FAVORITES >> #11 Vintage Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving so much, its a great time to catch up with family, enjoy amazing meal cooked by much skilled cookers than I, and just relax. Here are some lovely vintage Thanksgiving items that should warm your heart.
Amber Glass Turkey Candy Dish Covered Bowl Thanksgiving
Vintage Pair of Hallmark Thanksgiving Autumn Merry Miniatures - Indian Mouse & Pilgrim Turkey
Spice of Life Casserole Set by Corning Ware - Retro Thanksgiving Bakeware and Cookware with Vegetables (Set of 4)
Vintage Beistle Company Thanksgiving Turkey Honeycomb Table Decoration
Pumpkin Pie Recipe Dish, ceramic thanksgiving plate with fluted edges vintage 80's
Gobble, Gobble!