VACATION BITS>>North Carolina

So recently as you guys have heard, we took a vacation to North Carolina! It was so much fun, instead of blabbing on about how awesome it is, Ill show you tons of pictures! We took Macy with us and she has totally proven herself as a beach dweller! Enjoy!

Sorry for the over abundance of Macy pictures but it was so easy to take pictures of her. She loved the beach so much. She would chase water, crabs, and dig...alot. Speaking of crabs, you have to admit those little crabbies have the cutest little faces, the one picture even looks like he has a smile. Also, the numerous odd faces that Macy made, and the last one of her looking like a dog that howls, she has never howled, I just got this picture mid bark *hey dad look at me*. 

I hope you enjoyed!


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