DAY IN PHOTOS >> Chili and Socks

I thought I would start a new little series, where I go through one of my days (typically weekends) and show you some lovely photos of what I do. Its not necessarily every hour but its throughout the day. Sorry some are blurry im still getting used to my little travel camera.

This is a skating rink in our area that is rarely used.

Its skyline time!

Beemo got a new crinkle mouse bag.

Im obsessed with Cincinnati ornaments.

This guy is an oldie!

Hey I can see myself!

Another Cincinnati!

Creepy, yet adorable!

I love the clip ornaments!

This one is Alex's Favorite! 

Beemo went out on the balcony!

I listened to music!

Macy played with her new toy.

I went thrifting!

My brother and Alex played Xbox.

Beemo and I played on photoshop.

Beemo knew he wasn't allowed on the table, but I let him because of this cute face.

Blurry but cute Target socks.

Well that was fun! This was from the previous weekend, but im sure you dont want pictures of my day at work!


  1. Oh haha your cat should be too happy now :D
    These ornaments are great I love this clip ornament.
    Oh my brother also stick to his xbox on weekends -_- I always need some brother time :(


  2. I love that tinsel tree! So cute! And you know, all the years of living in Cincinnati, and I still don't like Skyline!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I love your ornaments! And your vintage tree is just amazing!


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