Oh hello! I hope everyone is well,  I have many people on my mind lately from the Sandy disturbance. I would like to let you in on a little secret though. We have updated the shop! I cant explain the amount of excitement I have, there are so many new items! Not only new items but we are having a %50 percent off sale on all carafes, AND we have a HUGE clearance section! So, here are some little lovelies I hand chose for you guys!

You can view all of these lovelies here at the shop! These items are a mix of clearance, carafe sale, and just lovely items! Do you not just love the little tea set!? I almost kept it for myself!

WEARABLE WEDNESDAY>> The girl and the wolf

The girl and the wolf

2)Sabrina Dehoff gold bangle, $89
3) Maison Martin Margiela shoulder bag
4) Lucky Brand strappy shoes
Don't you like this!? Its a combination of great colors, and a wolf!


Well, as you can see, we have had a blog re-furbish! I cant explain how much I adore Miss Daisy at Boux Who. Can you believe the amazing talent she has! I love the picture that she did! It was so surprising to see what she did! Well, from there I added our name below on the blog, and here we are! The most lovely looking site ever! LOL Jk, but really, im not. If you are interested in getting some work done from Daisy, please visit her site I linked above, or email her at

As October has flown by in no time, I have a few more lovely friends to share with you whom sponsored us this month. They are so splendid to deal with my last minute emails!

 I'm just a girl named Rachel from small town Minnesota that wants to share pieces from my journey of life with others. I blog over at Swell and Stylish. I have a passion for design and decor, I even studied interior design- I have a true love for people.... and I'm a little fashion obsessed. I've been known to find a coffee shop in the middle of the forest, and I'm happy to tell you what is good for you and what is not. I'm also the mother to the sweetest little 3.5 year old boy and the wife to a handsome Swedish man. I may or may not have a "Minnesotan accent."
My name is Karen and I blog over at The Quiet Owl. I also have a vintage shop on Etsy called Quiet Owl Vintage. I blog about life, food, nature, thrifting, vintage, doggies, and being an all around nerd! 
a creative girl, living in a country world is a lifestyle blog about all things "creative" written by Monique Fortson. a creative girl, living in a country world was established in October 2011 and since then viewership has increased from 464 to 697 page views per month. Monique is also the owner of Ajih Creations, which presently makes hand crafted notecards.
So what do you guys think of our lovely blog, and lovely friends? I hope all of you bloggers are doing okay since the visit from hurricane sandy, I know here in Ohio we got a spot of wind and icy snow stuff. Ive got some great things coming up for you this week, and next week is our giveaway! I cant wait to announce it, and cant wait to see a winner!




Hey friends, so when we recently arrived from vacation, we were on a mission to do a little home revamping. I love a really earthy look, and Alex, well he doesn't really care either way. Just as long as the Xbox is nearby. That's okay with me, however I'm a female, and sometimes I feel like decor is in my blood, just little flowing pictures, and rugs, even little knick-knacks, just flowing along. Okay, well maybe I'm over exaggerating, but I enjoy home decor SO much. So we bought a lovely white-ish rug from Ikea, and a beautiful southwestern style rug on sale at Target. Now, im looking for a little side table, and some lovely little accents. The search is on. Here are some of the lovely ideas for you my lovelies.


Tell me that you love this little side table!??


Mini Storage Rack
Im also loving these. Chevron is so lovely!
Mudhut Dawn Earth Chevron Window Panel
This lovely plant pot would look so pretty!
FRIDFULL Plant pot IKEA Plastic inside the pot makes the plant pot waterproof.
You cant deny this little cutie! He would look darling on our mantle!
Threshold Figural fox decor
This, yes I do need it.
Round Pintuck Pillow
I think it would help if you guys knew what our place looked like, btw expect that soon, Im hoping to give you guys a little sneaky peek into our humble abode!






Hey friends, Sorry but this is more important! Im so happy to be into the fall season and also sad to be seeing October go so quickly! We haven't even carved pumpkins! What in the world is wrong with us!?!?! Even so, I have some great girls for you to meet today! Meet our first fall sponsors....

-First meet the lovely new fave daily read of mine, Sandra from Lara's Vintage-

Hello my lovely Guppy & Whaleshark readers! My name is Sandra! A Mom of two girls living the Navy life in New Jersey. I'm a picture taker, thrift store addict and vintage lover! Let's be friends!

-Next up is the lovely Angie from My So Called Chaos, she also runs a lovely shop called Chaotic Creations! Check it out, I seriously love her little hats and bookmarks!-


Chaotic Creations by My So-Called Chaos was created as an outlet for all of the crafty and artistic things I make.  I love creating, but have no where to keep all of the lovelies, and I run out of people to gift them too-so now I am selling them to the public!  I do anything from art, to jewelry, to crocheted hats and scarves!

I hope that you guys enjoyed these two lovely ladies and I hope you visit each of their sites! There is so much to learn! Well, I hate to say this but I did this while cooking dinner, thats how swamped I have been since we have been back from vacation. I need a break. STAT.

Till next time friends,

I know, I suck.

Hey guys, well I know I posted on Friday, but as far as awesome personal pictures, I suck. 

Vacation was last week, and not only have I not replied to comments, I haven't stayed up on my daily blog reads or commented on them, I even haven't done my sponsor posts for October. Yeah, I suck. So, I can whine it up, or keep on...

Vacation rocked, and those of you who are avid instagram followers would have seen  pics. If you don't follow me, you probably should, it would give you more incite into my life daily than I keep up with on the blog. However, Im still here, and still adore you my little lovely followers. So, this is my warning, don't worry, I will have some great sponsor posts, and I promised a giveaway, and so there will be one. NEXT WEEK! To start off the lovely November season, I am having a rockin' giveaway. I cant tell you what it is, because that would ruin the surprise. So, have a good Monday  and talk to you tomorrow. 

FRIDAY FAVORITES>> #9 Mario Gamer Gear

I know that I am pretty much a dork. Not a super gamer because this blog, school, and work keep me pretty busy, but I do love some old fashioned mario!
This necklace. Super neat!
Mini glow-in-the-dark Super Mario Invincibility Star Necklace
Piranha Plant earrings inspired from Mario Brothers
I would love to get Alex these!
Custom Hand Painted Shoes - Mario and Luigi
Christmas goodies!
Mario Bros. Bob-omb 5" painted ornament
Another thing Id love to get Alex!
Tie pin - Sterling silver Mario mushroom tie tack\
What do you think? Are you a Mario fan?!

WEARABLE WEDNESDAY>> Fly away with me

Fly away with me


 4) Tommy Hilfiger ballet flat shoes 
5) Layla Amber chain jewelry, $26
This outfit is so FUN! I think I may have to just make this one a REAL life outfit!

New Reads>> Lovely Bloggers

So lately i've been reaching out, finding great blogs I love, and what kind of blogger would I be if I didnt share these lovelies that I found!?
I recently came across this blog through a great link up that Jessie from My Mod Style posted. If you havent visited Jessie's blog. DO it NOW!

Well, upon going to this page I fell in love with Sandra's style! Its a must read, and shes so lovely!

Once I visited this page, I stalked stumbled upon many others that I adored!

The Peppermint Peach
The Peppermint Peach
I love Erica's photos and style! Its very earthy and she uses light soo well!
The Busy Bee
 This lady is soo lovely! Her little children are adorable, and she loves thrifting, how can you not like her!?
Well, enjoy those lovely friends, Ill be sharing my lovely sponsors with you soon!

CURRENTLY>> Fall is here

So we have been busy lately, but I have news for you my darlings! Tons of photos are coming...they are! Until then, here you go!
1. Moving our couch!
2. Our new lovely wood plank table.
3. Pretty colored afghans.
4. Laying on the couch.
5. Starting our first fire!
6. Going to the Renaissance Festival!
7. Hanging with the pup!
There you have it! A little fall fun from our home!


Have you met our Welsh Corgi Macy? Well if not, here is a great mess of cute corgi items that I just adore! Enjoy!
I totally need this!
Corgi Cushion Cover
We don't have children but, SQUEE!
Baby Mobile with Flying Welsh Corgis (with 2 balls & hearts)
This snazzy guy!
Poindexter the Teacher's Pet Corgi with glasses and bow tie Corgi dog original art vintage dictionary page book art print
Corgi Vintage Movie Style Poster Canvas Print  NEW COLLECTION
Mocha the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Bow tie ring
Arent corgi's so ADORABLE!? Im not saying that because I have one either :)