Hey friends, Sorry but this is more important! Im so happy to be into the fall season and also sad to be seeing October go so quickly! We haven't even carved pumpkins! What in the world is wrong with us!?!?! Even so, I have some great girls for you to meet today! Meet our first fall sponsors....

-First meet the lovely new fave daily read of mine, Sandra from Lara's Vintage-

Hello my lovely Guppy & Whaleshark readers! My name is Sandra! A Mom of two girls living the Navy life in New Jersey. I'm a picture taker, thrift store addict and vintage lover! Let's be friends!

-Next up is the lovely Angie from My So Called Chaos, she also runs a lovely shop called Chaotic Creations! Check it out, I seriously love her little hats and bookmarks!-


Chaotic Creations by My So-Called Chaos was created as an outlet for all of the crafty and artistic things I make.  I love creating, but have no where to keep all of the lovelies, and I run out of people to gift them too-so now I am selling them to the public!  I do anything from art, to jewelry, to crocheted hats and scarves!

I hope that you guys enjoyed these two lovely ladies and I hope you visit each of their sites! There is so much to learn! Well, I hate to say this but I did this while cooking dinner, thats how swamped I have been since we have been back from vacation. I need a break. STAT.

Till next time friends,

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