FRIDAY FAVORITES>> #9 Mario Gamer Gear

I know that I am pretty much a dork. Not a super gamer because this blog, school, and work keep me pretty busy, but I do love some old fashioned mario!
This necklace. Super neat!
Mini glow-in-the-dark Super Mario Invincibility Star Necklace
Piranha Plant earrings inspired from Mario Brothers
I would love to get Alex these!
Custom Hand Painted Shoes - Mario and Luigi
Christmas goodies!
Mario Bros. Bob-omb 5" painted ornament
Another thing Id love to get Alex!
Tie pin - Sterling silver Mario mushroom tie tack\
What do you think? Are you a Mario fan?!


  1. My hubby is obsessed with sonic and is a total gamer his console collection stands at 68 and growing.
    I love the super cute necklace in this post btw :)

    1. That is so adorable! Alex is a superrrr gamer. lol!


  2. Replies
    1. I know, Ive been wanting them for ages..


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