Hello October! Updates and More!

Hey friends! Aren't you glad October is here? I mean yeah, I'll miss September and all but, buh-bye! So I just want you guys to know of ALL the amazing things happening in October!
 First off, we are having our first giveaway(from which we bought the items). Im so excited to bring this giveaway to you guys that I cant think strait. We ordered it last night so as soon as we get it, we will fill you in and you will be able to enter away!
Next, in order to keep up these awesome giveaways, we need awesome people like you to sponsor us! Right now we have a super line up of small ad sponsors and one spot left! So get it while you can, the small ads are currently still free! Just use SMALLADFREE for a FREE small ad on our page we only run eight at a time and have one spot open for October, but November counts too, so if you want to sponsor us but theres no space, you can fit in for the next month! We would love to do swaps for our small ads so let us know! Now, to fill up our empty medium and large sponsor space, we are offering 1/2 off our ads! CMON! You cannot beat that! The medium ad code is MEDIUMHALFOFF and brings the ad to 1$. Hello people! The large ad code is LARGEHALFOFF and brings the ad to 2$. Now we have limited amounts for each ad, so get in there! Visit our sponsor page here!
I hope you get that deal! Speaking of deals, my sis and I have really been doing some super huge updates in the shop. One of these includes clearance items, and a HUGE CARAFE SALE! 40% Off all of our carafes!
So check out 1+1=2 vintage!
Last of all, I hope you all are enjoying your fall, that includes tea/coffee breaks, brisk morning air, crunchy leaves, boots, tights, sweaters, and...indoor time....crafty time!!! Be sure to check out our weekly link up here. We still have 6 days remaining to link up! Each week I will pick my favorite link! Next week I will pick my favorite, then the next link up will be October 15th. So if you cant make this one, thats okay!
Enjoy your first day of October!

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  1. I'm loving indoor crafty time.Happy October!Rx



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