Well, as you can see, we have had a blog re-furbish! I cant explain how much I adore Miss Daisy at Boux Who. Can you believe the amazing talent she has! I love the picture that she did! It was so surprising to see what she did! Well, from there I added our name below on the blog, and here we are! The most lovely looking site ever! LOL Jk, but really, im not. If you are interested in getting some work done from Daisy, please visit her site I linked above, or email her at bouxwho@gmail.com.

As October has flown by in no time, I have a few more lovely friends to share with you whom sponsored us this month. They are so splendid to deal with my last minute emails!

 I'm just a girl named Rachel from small town Minnesota that wants to share pieces from my journey of life with others. I blog over at Swell and Stylish. I have a passion for design and decor, I even studied interior design- I have a true love for people.... and I'm a little fashion obsessed. I've been known to find a coffee shop in the middle of the forest, and I'm happy to tell you what is good for you and what is not. I'm also the mother to the sweetest little 3.5 year old boy and the wife to a handsome Swedish man. I may or may not have a "Minnesotan accent."
My name is Karen and I blog over at The Quiet Owl. I also have a vintage shop on Etsy called Quiet Owl Vintage. I blog about life, food, nature, thrifting, vintage, doggies, and being an all around nerd! 
a creative girl, living in a country world is a lifestyle blog about all things "creative" written by Monique Fortson. a creative girl, living in a country world was established in October 2011 and since then viewership has increased from 464 to 697 page views per month. Monique is also the owner of Ajih Creations, which presently makes hand crafted notecards.
So what do you guys think of our lovely blog, and lovely friends? I hope all of you bloggers are doing okay since the visit from hurricane sandy, I know here in Ohio we got a spot of wind and icy snow stuff. Ive got some great things coming up for you this week, and next week is our giveaway! I cant wait to announce it, and cant wait to see a winner!



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  1. love your new layout looking super cute
    don't forget I have a competition on atm


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