I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving I have been thankful for so much. I have such a supportive family, a loving and supportive boyfriend, and some past friend connections rekindled. Im so very thankful for my family, they have been deep in my thoughts lately, ive been doing alot of growing up this past year and its very great to have them behind me the whole way. Ive been working on an essay for class about my dad and that has him deep in my thoughts as well. Alex has been the light of my life these past 6 months, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Hes so very good to me, he makes me smile every day, and never has ever given up on me. My two little kitties are also so close to my heart. They always are there to make me smile when I think things get too hard. Alex's family has been also very supportive, in my initiatives for an education. Its so great to have so many people around that care about you. Ive also rekindled some friendships that I once thought were lost. My heart is so full right now! I am so happy! Well, we decided that going out on black Friday is probably a terrible idea. So, we headed out, got some food, and started thrifting. Let me tell you! What a great idea it was. I got some amazing deals, and I spent under 13$!! Im only posting a few of them, some were clothing.

Dont you love it all?! I was so giddy, everything was so adorable. So I found the string art owl, lots of clothes, an owl trivet( I now have 2) , cute candy jar( like one my granny used to have), a really large glass with neat fonts of different foods, and an adorable flowered mug.


I love the fluted mug (someone correct me if thats not what they are called) Its so cute, and the string art owl. Well, I squealed a little inside. Did you go shopping today? We are spending the rest of the day relaxing, doing homework, playing video games, etc. 



  1. Hi meg! Thanks for stopping by the birdie blog yesterday. I have to say I am over the moon about your string art Owl. I see a really easy DIY I just need to see some upclose pictures. Care to share?

    Maybe we could collaborate??

  2. Hi shelley! What a great idea! I will send you an email. P.S did I mention that I LOVE your blog! And.. Taste of music!!!



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