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Meg here! Today I sat down and checked out all the pictures on my SD card. Holy moly! Have I got a photo dump for you!

This guy here is seriously the love of my life. Even though he can be really annoying and stubborn sometimes. He also really likes toes. However, I still adore the heck out of him. <3

This guy. My inspiration. Daily smiles. Almost everything comes from him. He makes me the happiest girl ever.

The two together blow my mind. Unspeakable. They have such a relationship. Love/Hate of course. So this little picture is a rarity and completely fills my heart.

Fall is finally here. I'm so excited. This little leaf was so pretty. I love the color, and love the little rain

Look at this little guy. He was hiding out. I love the color. So pretty. So majestic.

Who can resist open screen doors?! BMO sure cant. He loves watching the squirrels and the birds. Speaking of squirrels. (last blog hint) The squirrels tried to attack him through the screen. He got all bushy tailed like he was going to fight them. LOL silly kitten. How is your fall season so far? I have a little surprise for a little dessert idea. You will see soon!

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