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Hey everyone! I have to apologize we haven't posted. Since my laptop is broken, things have been a little on hold for our blogging. However, don't worry your little pretty faces! I have instagram updates!! First off, I did some thrifting earlier that week. Look at these pretties!

Isn't the last one just adorable!! I brought the plates home and it turned out that I had a matching tea cup already!! I also made a little kitty fort that week. I think he loves it. I also had decided to rename Ringo. After an adventure time character and a funny dream. His new name... Drumroll.... BMO.. Pronounced.. Bee-mo. It's so close to Ringo that he hasn't noticed the difference.

We then had labor day weekend! Eep! What a blast! Spending time with whale-shark's family is always an everlasting experience! We both pulled out some retro clothes and dressed up a bit. Too bad the weather decided to be almost 100 degrees! It was atrocious! But the party was great. Amazing people and scrumptious food!

After that we had a nice lazy weekend. We laid around with bmo.. Watched movies... Alex played games. Bmo watched :)

We then decided to head downtown and go to my favorite restaurant. Pomodori's! It was delicious. So delicious that I forgot to take pictures of the food!

This past weekend I found to be quite lazy. Alex spent time with a friend on Friday so I found myself learning a new craft. Crochet. I really enjoy this! I only took a picture of a chain but man I made some neat stuff! Can you crochet?! Do you have any tips?

The rest of our weekend was as follows... Lazy... We took the family dog Daisy, for a walk. We barely missed the rain. But I got a few good pics.

It was very enjoyable! I hope your past few weeks have been good! We will have some decent posts soon because my laptop needs fixed! Did I mention that today is Alex and mine's 3rd month anniversary?! Well, I know to some of you this may be an amount that's just child's play but to myself it means A lot. After 8 years of friendship we finally decided to try this..and well we figured if we can make it 6 months we can most likely make it through anything. These first three have been terribly busy/stressful for myself, but we are doing fine.. And halfway to that 6 month point! I love you alex! Your amazing!

XO- Meg

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