INSTA-WEEK >> Broken

Well things have been kinda busy lately so we haven't made any posts. First off, it doesn't help that someone, unknown name, (Ringo Starr) pushed my laptop off the bed with his little kitten feet and cracked my LCD for my laptop!

Doesn't that look terrible!!?? I was so mad! But, who can be mad at this face?!?!

Not me that's for sure, his cute sleepy face makes me weak. I'd really like to have two of those faces, could you imagine what I would do with that?! I would bow down to all kitten cuteness powers. In all seriousness though, he keeps me up with his shenanigans all night. I wished he had a friend, but then, now that I think of it, then I would have two cute faces keeping me up!! How would I survive that?!? I won't get another kitty till I have more room. (Sorry, Ringo!)
If you have kitties, what do you do to keep them from keeping you up at night?
So the rest of my week has been good. I visited Alex's house for a short time Wednesday and his parents had gotten me a present!!!!

Aren't they adorable! Little nesting tins! I love them! Thanks so much guys! You are the best! Thursday I went with my brother thrifting and we found a new thrift store to visit, it wasn't new but since I had just moved to the Cheviot area it was new to me. You won't believe what I got for .99 cents. Drumroll please.......

Yesss! That awesome cabinet!!! Only .99 cents! I couldn't believe my eyes. I have completely fallen in love with this thrift store!!! Friday we went to see a concert with some friends.
Saturday we went to Bob Evans for breakfast. It was fun, however most times with Alex and I are a blast! I love this adorable smile more than anything!!!

Augh! It melts me! And some some dork was making me paper straw cover jewelry(Alex). Here's a ring he made.

Lol it stayed on for a whole 3 mins! He also made a matching bracelet and tried to make a necklace but we ran out of straw covers. That's really been our week. I'm hoping to get my laptop fixed next month so we will see. For now, I will leave you with some cute kitty face.

xo- Meg


  1. Meg- I MUST know where that thrift store is. I have never seen a price like .99 for a cabinet! BTW- I'm so glad you checked out that St V! I'm not much of a vintage buyer so it's good to know where to recommend for those who do buy vintage :)

  2. i'm sorry to hear about your laptop, that really stinks! but seriously, 99 cents for that? how is that even possible???!

  3. Ally- I got this at St. V!!!!! Eep! Im totally in love with it!
    Brynna- thanks!! I'm totally missing my laptop. Don't know what I would do without the iPhone!

  4. The curio is pretty awesome. But she didn't even mention the awesome record player. I'm not going to lie. But I geeked quite a bit during class when I found out. Will post pictures of it soon. -kinda bragging-



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