THRIFTY THURSDAY >> The Joy of thrifting

For many years I have been a thrifter. There's nothing like the feeling of searching high and low for something for months, or even years, and then finally, Omph! There it is!!!! My sister and I are complete opposites, however when we decided to go into this joint Etsy shop venture, we found thrifting to finally be something we could enjoy together, not only that but shes a modern chic lady, im totally vintage all the way! When we started the shop I let her browse around and showed her some key ideas for what could and could not be vintage/retro. Once she got into it I finally got to see myself from another view. Walking down the isles of the thrift store, searching everywhere, there it was, some thermoses that she had originally found, and she had found more colors!

 It was a great experience seeing her so happy to have found some similar and to know what they were! It was like winning the lottery. Oh, and just in case you wondered, the thermoses are in the shop! :) Happy thrifting everyone! May you find all your dreams!


  1. I LOVE that you've started an etsy shop! I've thought for a while that that would be a really cool thing to do. I'm scared that I wouldn't know what to look for, would take awful pictures, etc. Those thermoses are awesome :) I can't wait to see what you find next!

  2. Thanks so much Ally! It was really hard work starting up, but it has been not only fun, but so far pretty rewarding!


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