Happy Thursday friends! So today for our first every Thrifty Thursday I have such a touching surprise. If you don't know by now, im a sucker for yellow. The color yellow is my favorite! When I ran across these two lovely pictures below you can see why I couldn't help but take them home! The smaller picture wasn't going home with us until I saw the back. How could you not hold a piece of history like that. So here they are!

I know that the two together don't really go, but they look decent next to each other. Yellow roses are also a sign of friendship, and we are all about friends in this household! What pulled my heartstrings was the darling bit on the back.

Sisterly love all the way! How nice for a sister to give to another what one had given to so many! I love it!
I also found a brand new Numi Tea flowering pot! Isn't it lovely!?

I hope your having a good Thursday! Did you find anything thrifting?! Link up! Please!

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