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Hey guys! Im glad you guys all hung in there for our most recent adventure. My wisdom teeth surgery. Unfortunately all four of my teeth were impacted and I was forced to basically get all of them removed. Since we have many a weddings coming up, and lots of busy weekends ahead, I chose Labor Day weekend. Its been an adventure, but im feeling a ton better. The pain is settling in a bit more, and I thank you all for the wonderful sweet words of recovery wishes.

Recently we took an adventure with my family to a beautiful vineyard nearby and I haven't posted the pictures yet! SO here they are my lovelies! By the way, I know we have been doing alot of blog changes lately, I just cant seem to get my bearings on what I want and I think I may have perfected it a bit. I know its a huge change, but I like it.

So whaddya' think?! It was a blast! It was my mom and step dads anniversary so we went for dinner, and had a blast!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday, its back to work for us!

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  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL! Love'm!! :) You two are just the cutest!


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