FRIDAY FAVORITES >> # 4 The Ballad of Alex

Hello everyone! It's you're marvelous, best friend, Alex.  When i'm working I tend to have my headphones in and zone in to focus on what I'm doing.  It also helps break the monotonous sound of hydraulic pumps which run 24/7.  To be honest, I listen to music at work constantly for at least 5 hours a day.  I'm a rather huge fan of any form of art, though some is kind of pushing it.  Music is by far my favorite. Alex Fact #43: I wish to create a song and a video to correspond with it. 
So let's take this walk together, please watch your step.  Arms and hands within range of the keyboard. So that you can write these ones down, they're great!  Though you're reading this, so I assume you are on a keyboard since we haven't hit the big screen yet.

Let's get things started shall we?  Okay, first up on my list is a song that Meg and I both heard when we saw the Wes Anderson film, The Darjeeling Limited.  
Peter Sarstedt - Where do you got to (My Lovely)

It was wonderful, so unique.  It definitely has its own set of charm.  So let us move onto the next song. This is one that I found from a remix of another song that I like, It's also my ringtone. But it's not the one that I wish to show off to you guys today (Here's a link though!) Mark Ronson remixed that song, and he's also involved in this one!
Mark Ronson and the Int'ls - Bang Bang Bang
(I really like this music video)

What'd you guys think?! I'm not a huge fan of talking in music. I'm just that kind of guy.
So this next band is totally awesome.  I found these guys via Pandora, and this song totally is awesome.
M83 - Midnight City

It's catchy in a new way.  I just saw the music video for the first time uploading this! And it definitely gave me some chills.

Okay the next song is one that, as well as the one above, popped onto my Pandora while I was working. Any song that makes me stop and give it a thumbs up is an excellent song.
Young The Giant - My Body

Okay. This last one has gone viral! And I just heard about it last week and I've seen it about 8 times. By myself.  I keep showing people and cannot get enough of this music video or this song.  I'm totally all about foreign music, I think it's brilliant.
Psy - Gangnam Style

It's totally different. And definitely stands out amongst the five songs I've picked out as my favorites for this week! I hope these will help broaden your musical horizons!

Variety is the spice of life!
And music is good for your soul!
Be well my friends.

PS. Meg is having her wisdom teeth taken out today. So please keep her in your thoughts for a speedy recovery!


  1. Oh I hope Meg feels better soon!

    1. Yes! Well, she's up and moving again! The first few days were very hard. And the last couple have been getting better! She had her first full blown epic meal today.

      - Alex

      She's a trooper!


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