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 Morning everyone! I found this great recipe over at A beautiful mess. You can find it here. I love pickles and so does Alex. I have always wanted to try making them, and after a fun visit to the farmers market we got some cucumbers and went to work!

Basically you mix one part vinegar and one part water, a teaspoon of salt, and two teaspoons of sugar. Simple as that! You can add dill, peppercorns, and any other items you would like to get a unique taste. I found that I added a bit too much vinegar so you can try your own mixture to see what you like. After about a day these puppies are ready for eatin!

I hope you enjoy! Do you have any easy homemade recipes?! We are food junkies and we would love to share!


  1. YES! I've been pining to make my own pickles but was completely intimidated. I want to make these when I get home from work tonight! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So going to have to try these!! Thank you!


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