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Morning guys. Today has been kind of daunting for me. Theres a hint of overcast in Cincinnati, and to me I feel like im looking through eyes with filtered shades of blue. Yeah, im bummed. Its been a long week, after finding out my car needs alot of repair work, and going to the oral surgeon to find all my teeth are impacted and my surgery wont be cheap, and slowly trying to drag myself to a beginning of financial freedom, its been bummer. However, keeping a strait mind, Ive been working on a project for my friends upcoming baby shower, and I cant wait to show you! Its super adorable! I wanted to share some of my favorite artists with you as of late. So let the drumrolling begin!

The lovely Birdy. Perfect name for a perfect voice. I love her cover of Bon Ivers- Skinny Love.

Album Review: Birdy - 'Birdy'

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Wonderful sounding Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros. This site, and the music. die for.

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This amazing album.

New Album Davy in Stores January 20th

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Of course, the darling. Mumford and sons. This band does things to me I cant explain.

Oh arent they lovely?
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  1. Listening to Birdy on Spotify right now thanks to your recommendation! Love her voice!!

    xx, C


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