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So. I recently won a great gift from Bottle of Clouds on the Lazy Explorers blog. Let me tell you how surprised I was when I opened it! I cant express the way this gift made me feel. I felt like this gift was specifically made for me.

Initially I won these amazing fox earrings. When I got my package I was completely floored when I got so many lovely extras!

My absolute favorite item had to be the wonderful key chain!

Beemos favorite was the bookmark!

Well, he also liked the whale! How about that!

Thank you so much, Bottle of Clouds

If you haven't visited the site, you must, I have my eyes on this beauty for my nook!

Blue cat screen printed on linen fabric quilted patchwork kindle fire case kindle fire sleeve kindle fire cover

Isn't it adorable!?


  1. Love the earrings and that whale pin...wow!

  2. her branding is so lovely! i'm planning to open my etsy shop soon and i can't seem to get enough packaging inspiration. oh and i love that whale pin & cat print, too 0__o

  3. Min-bottle of clouds14 August, 2012

    You look lovely with the earrings!
    So cute and sweet!
    Beemos with the bookmark made me a big smile!!!!
    You really made my day so awesome! :-D

  4. It's so exciting to win stuff! I love the whale pin.


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