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We have been super busy in the Dameron/Clark house. Cleaning, cooking, trying to be active, preparing for my wisdom tooth surgery, and updating the shop. Heres some snapshots for you to see.

1. Trying to wear tons more dresses. 2. This guy is the love of my life! 3. Our new little windmill shelf holds my cactus perfectly! 4. I made a dragon mobile for my friend neffy. 5. Alex made me a lovely dinner, sandwiches of course :) 6. My new glasses from Firmoo! 7. More dress wearing! 8. Lots of hot tea in pretty mugs! 9. Morning sunrises from the new couch! 10. Finding lovely cameras while thrifting. 11. The corgi got spayed. Shes better now though. 12. I stained some shelves! 13. Alex put the shelves up and I covered them with lovely things! 14. I cuddled with BMO. 15. We got a new rug! 16. We found this little kitty outside and he had a small wound. We are healing him back and trying to find him a new home!
I hope your having a good week! Im not exactly excited for my wisdom teeth on friday and I keep having awful dreams about it. Im hoping to get some shop updates done today or at least photographed, so while im snoozing in bed all weekend, I can upload them. Also, we have lowered our sponsorship costs and we would love to have you! All costs are going toward us sponsoring others! Another thing! Im hoping to do a home tour when I recover! Cant wait to share our little condo with you guys! Im going to try and fit in one more post before friday, after that Alex is taking over. Have a good day!

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  1. I love your blog, I find it very positive happy. I was hoping that you would check out my blog and consider following me. I am attempting to build my audience with some positive ladies/gentlemen and I thought of you for sure!

    Thanks for considering,
    Sarah :-)


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