FRIDAY FAVORITES >> #2 Cats Edition

Everyone knows how much we love our cats. Did you also know that I love ANYTHING with cats on it. Yes, yes I do. Heres a great little set of lovely things for you to obsess over! This week has been a bit of a bummer for me with my car dying (She will be back soon!) and just a bunch of sleepless long nights. Thats okay, its the weekend right? Oh and happy Friday! :)

This darling sweater.

Cat Eyeglasses Sweater


This necklace. Just darling.

Wooden Love Cat Necklace


This. I would buy for Al.

Cosmic Cat Tee


This guy. I want him. His tie will do as well :) Beemo would look dashing in one.

Pet Dog Cat Collar ACCESSORY Black Necktie


This ring! Adorable and simple!

Handmade Jewelry - Ring - Cat - Sterling Silver 925


Well, I hope you all enjoyed that, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

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