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Hi everyone. It's Meghan. I'm making the first post for Alex and I. We are a young ambitious couple striving to make the best out of everything and having alot of adventures along the way. Our story is a simple one. We met 8 years ago in high school where we had very little classes together. I would always steal his hoodie in our art class due to being cold. We attended Alex's senior prom together just as friends and had a blast. From then on I had already graduated and we stayed friends off and On throughout the next few years. He dated others as did I. We went through alot together as friends and we each kind of held our feelings back. Finally this year *like in an 80's movie* Alex professed his feelings and we became a couple. This is a blog of our daily life and love. I work in an office and am an aspiring photographer, thrifter,and cat lady. Alex does some engineering type things and enjoys video games :) we currently don't live together but we have tons of time. Things are always an adventure with us. Thats just my side of the story.

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