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Hey hey people. Alex and Meg here, mostly Alex. Meg is in a fit as we try to finally get the header on our blog here set up to be absolutely wizard. Of course we can't figure out how to get the stuff all doodled up and set up as our header.

-covers head-

We have been marvelously busy over the last bit, least I have. Continue to find myself more and more tired from work even though i spend most of my time sitting on the ass. Lol. I'm enjoying the work though. My five year reunion is coming up though, kind of excited. And Kind of not.

I'm torn.

Hey everyone! It's Meg :)
I believe Sir Alexander ran out of things to say so I'll continue. It's almost the weekend! Well today is my Friday :) eek! Tonight I'm going to slaving away at my dirty apartment and visiting some friends(maybe play some black ops!) and alex is in class tonight. Tomorrow I'm off to the doctor and alex is going to see Captain America with his friend. Hopefully we can end up together by the end of the night. Saturday I'm going to a friends yard sale in Springdale, then off to alex's reunion. Maybe some borderlands? Hm. It's gonna be a great weekend. Thanks to all of you following us. We are trying to get buttons for our favorite reads(Mine mostly) and get our blog together. I'm not very good at this though :-/ oh well it will be together very soon!

Bye for now!

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