PERSONAL >> Stress,inspiration, and kitten cuddling

This week has been kind of stressful for me. I've been working on getting into Cincinnati state and getting my new apartment together, family matters ect. Lucky for me I have alot of great guys and gals that I follow on blogs that give me some great inspiration relief/therapy. I've had alot of reading I've been doing and getting some awesome fashion, DIY, and decor ideas. Alex and I have seen each other off and on. I'm really glad that I have such a great guy that supports me and gives me lots of encouragement. Today he was drawing up blueprints for our new blog header on a notepad. How cute!he also drew a stick figure giving another stick figure(with a beehive hairstyle)a bouquet of flowers eek, he's so sweet! It's the little things. We are such great friends let alone an awesome team/couple. I feel for him because Ive been an emotional wreck lately. I work great under stress and pressure but I also turn into medusa. I'm just glad I have him and have such awesome people in my life that support me. I've gotten alot done around the apartment. The kitchen is finally done, except for finding a blue rug which I've yet to find the perfect one. That's it for tonight. I need my rest! Finally ringo has settled down and is hopefully ready for bed. He keeps dragging his fur mice into the bed and he will play with them all night while I'm (trying) to sleep. I can't help but think it's cute though.

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