PERSONAL >> Boyfriend blues

Well I havent seen Alex in two days and to be honest I feel like a small child that lost it's mother. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't known that he's sick.I have a ridiculous maternal instinct to want to take care of him but he's got an awesome momma that I'm sure will take great care of him. I'm very excited though, tonight I'm attending my first ever real bingo with my sister and family! Also, we have great plans in store for the weekend!! My company is holding a 25th anniversary party at our main location in Cleveland! So it will be like a mini weekend getaway for us! Plus it's very close to one of the largest fresh water beaches! Eek! The thought is so exciting, I know it's not ocean water but it's close enough! It will be a blast and I'm sure we will have TONS of pictures to post! Until then!!

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