SPONSORS >> Round 1

Hey everyone! Id like to welcome you to the first round of our July sponsors! I know we are a bit behind but we got a little bit of a late start! But who cares about that?! Lets see these awesome sponsors!

First up, welcome Rachel from Cute Vintage!

Here is a little bit about Rachel, you can expect an awesome DIY from her soon!

 I’m Rachel, blogger over at Cute Vintage. You’ll find me in East London, coffee in hand and camera in my tote bag. I work with suits-n-boots in the City by day, and run CV by night. I blog about my little life here in London-town, the street art about, the stylish ladies I see and the tips and tricks I pick up along the way. I’m Currently saving for a new record player and a fat ginger cat. Right now I’m listening to way too much of The Civil Wars (…move over Jenny Lewis) and wishing that the sun would come out over London town.

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Next up is seriously one of my favorite girlies, and im pretty sure we were vintage treasure hunters in another life!

Karen from The Quiet Owl!

Hello!  My name is Karen and I blog over at The Quiet Owl.  I'm a twenty-something grad school student who loves thrifting, doggies, nature, and crafts.  I have an Etsy shop called Quiet Owl Vintage where I sell some of the treasures I find.  Some of my weekly posts on my blog include What I Wore Wednesday, Thrifty Thursdays, Food Fridays, and Amazing Anime on Sunday.  I hope you'll come by and visit!

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Up next..

Joanna from Moda Moma!

She is an actor, tv host, photographer, mama, and martial artist, Joanna tries to keep it sane and chic on her blog ModaMama.  She doesn't always succeed, but she certainly has a great time sharing the results with you!  Check out her new Coffee Talk vlog to get a little glimpse inside the crazy mind of this gal!

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And now...

Alex from Second Thoughts!

Hi Im Alex from Second Thoughts, a blog about personal style, interests, and recommendations. The blog started around April 2011 when I decided to start sharing my musings with the blogging world. It's name was easy to come up with.. I have lots of trouble making decision, I change my mind a lot, and I just can't settle for anything... I have Second Thoughts all the time. So join my musings and stop by.. I promise you'll find something you'll like!

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We also have up...

Miss Megs from her shop GaGa Goodies!

We are a small operation that specializes in handmade paintings for children's rooms, nurseries, or any place you want custom art.  Whether it's a painting of your child's favorite character or thing or just an idea you have, we can do it.  We use all kinds of different media when it comes to art.  We use acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, and colored pencils.  Art is a passion and a love of ours.  So we strive to do our very best to giving customers a high quality product.  Please check out our Etsy store and Facebook pages for more pictures and info how to get your hands on a one of a kind piece.

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Thanks to all our July sponsors, remember, we will be charging very minimal next month!



  1. So excited to look into these blogs I haven't seen before! Also I adore The Quiet Owl! :)

    x, C

  2. No Problem Karen! Catherine, I love her too! How can you not!?

    -xo meg


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