Good Wizards, Bad Caterpillars

Hello hello!
It has been awhile since I've written anything. But there has been injustice done here! Meg has posted all of these awesome thrifty things she has found and purchased.  And yet the one thing i purchased at the thrift store of recent she refuses to post!!!!
I know. It's unfair.
But I really can't blame her.  It is pretty amazing.

Okay, collect your thoughts. Surely this amazingly epic wizard had to cost an arm and a leg, it was half off! Yes! Thrifting pro, it was the purchase of a lifetime, you can feel the magic in this place! Pulsing through your veins! 

So anyways. Merlin, my new found BFCSG (Best friend collectible statue guy,) is now lounging high atop of the mantle in our living room (or the Owl Cliff, if this land were from his perspective.) He's definitely got the passion to make this room pop, though his blue robes don't quite match the inner decor of our home. 

Ready yourselves people!
He is much more attractive than the caterpillar that Meg purchased on the same day! After hours of research, my top dog was on it, we found evidence leading that the caterpillar might be some sort of demon summoning entity that Merlin holds at bay throughout day and night!

So I might have a very vivid imagination, but honestly this simple put together wizard that Meg and I found at the thrift store was so neat that I felt he deserved to have a back story! He might even have one that I don't know about!  He's awesome, he has a beard, and he holds this box thing with blue stuff in it. I did take some other pictures of him and i will leave ya with one too. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, I hope you have a magical day! 


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