DIY >> Suitcase Kitty Bed

Do you have problems with kitties laying everywhere?! Well I do, and I have just the solution for you!

Lately we have had an abundance of hair on furniture, because, well, the cats lay where they want (with the exception of counters/table of course). So the wheels in my head have been turning...

I have a few suitcases laying around, and I have seen those awesome beds they make for pets, but what about a nice mid century style to match our condo?? So, I had this ottoman, the vinyl had cracked so we decided to salvage the legs and throw the rest out.

Then I remembered that one of my suitcases was becoming quite tattered on top because the cats liked to jump on them. So. We went to work.
 I began by opening the suitcase and cutting the lining that covered the back seam.

Once we completed that we then had to bend the brackets for the hinge. (Note: Not every suitcase may be like this)
I recommend having a helper.

Be sure to have a great puppy helper too once the piece is off!

Once you have the top and bottom separated (I recommend using the bottom for your bed part) then you need to get your legs, some bolts and nuts, a screw driver, and a pair of pliers.

We used flat bolts so they wouldnt poke the animals, so we used a pointed screw to make a hole, then put the bolt through, and put the nut on the other side. Once you have the nut attached, then hold the nut in place with pliers and turn the bolt with a screw driver ( I recommend a helper for this too!)

There is one side.

And the other!
When you complete all your legs, you can then purchase a pet pillow for the inside, or make one like I did. We used fabric and a human pillow!

There you have it! She loves it!

Tomorrow we are going to a local antique mall, ill be sure to instagram some great pics for you guys! Let me know if you try out the kitty(or puppy) bed. We like it because the cats are high up and the short corgi cant reach them! :)


  1. This is awesome! And your cat is absolutely beautiful. And of course how could I not mention such an adorable puppy, too. ;)

  2. I. Love. This! It turned out so great! :D:D:D

  3. love this i so am going to make a doggie bed when i can find a large enough suitcase so my englsih bully can fit in it comfily , thanks for sharing :) georgia from ohio


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