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Heres a little DIY I threw together that I really wanted to share with you guys! We have a pretty fireplace in our condo but why would we use it during summer?! We wouldn't! So that's why I decided to spruce it up with this lovely candle DIY!
First off...I have been collecting glass jars for a while. They are pretty much useful for tons of crafts, and making all kinds of things.

After I gathered my jars, I got my supplies. I actually found mine at a dollar store but im sure any spare craft items you have would do. I used a paint brush, craft glue, and glitter. Of course... and jars.

Once I gathered my supplies I went to work. I suggest putting newspaper down. Glitter is messy, unless of course you like that type of thing.(aka glitter around your home)

I watered down my glue because it was very thick, im sure that if you have a thinner glue this wont matter as long as it dries clear.

Pour out your glitter, or if you can find them in shakers, I HIGHLY suggest this. Picking it up with your fingers is not exactly a blast. Not to mention it was on me for days.

ALWAYS.. have a helper. Mine was not exactly help though. :)
The next things are pretty basic. Use your brush to coat the jars in glue, then, shake or drop your glitter on your jars and shake the jar or tap on your surface to remove loose glitter. Add candles, enjoy!
I found that the glitter is still a little loose so I suggest leaving the lip of the jar glitter free to carry it.
They are pretty and easy!
There you go ladies and gents!  By the way, be expecting our sponsor post tomorrow!


  1. wow these are really good I need to get my craft back on. I'll have to wait til I move to a bigger place before making these as don't have room.


  2. Oh those are soooo pretty! I'm going to have to do this in our fireplace.

  3. I need to do this! Such a great post my dear! I have an empty fireplace too and I think I will bookmark this to do soon!

    xx, C

  4. Thanks! It was so easy and so fun!

    -xo meg

  5. those look so pretty! they turned out great - i love the idea of making something rustic look so elegant.


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