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So this is a bit embarrassing to show, but yes everyone, this is my closet. Before... I cant blame this mess on anyone else but myself. Alex has his own closet and believe it or not, its cleaner than mine! Lately we have been so busy and I just throw stuff in there! I cant believe I do this, but I do. Ugh. Time to clean up this mess!

First of all, I have tons of accessories and no where to really store them. I first took everything from the closet out. Some things no longer fit, or they were old and needed thrown out/donated.

I have about a bagillion belts, about a quarter of which had broken and I told myself I would fix them eventually. Or they didn't fit. Lucky for me once I took everything out of my closet, I noticed the person who lived in our condo before us had made many adjustments with nails, so there were multiple nails for me to hang things from!

I started with the belts. I utilized the nails that were already located in the wood. If you are worried about nailing anything in your walls, I highly recommend the sticky adhesive hangers that you can remove when you are done with them. I believe they are made by 3M or scotch. Once I did that I decided to organize my shoes, and purses, another great thing about our closets are that there are lower shelves built in for shoes!

I hung the purses then went on to the scarves. I purchased an Ikea item that you can hang scarves/ties/etc on!
It worked great!

I also used the wire beam for hanging some of my lighter rope like belts.

I used some baskets to replace card board boxes, and to hold smaller wallets and clutches.

Then finally relocated my dresses and clothes. Woo hoo! A clean closet. Since I did this clean up about a week or two ago, my closet is actually still not bad! Im proud! 

Do you have any closet cleaning tips?! Id love to hear them!


  1. Good job! I NEED to do this to my closet. It's a disaster area!!

    Also, I tried to email you but couldn't find an email. I think I had one from when we swapped buttons but I can't find it. (My inbox is a lot like my closet).
    But I was wondering if you'd like to do a little feature post on my blog?
    I really like your blog and wanna help you grow if I can!
    Just shoot me an email if you're interested: mythreebittles@yahoo(dot)com

  2. Nice! It feels soooo good to completely redo and clean up closets. Love it!

  3. Sarah! Thanks a bunch, it does feel good!
    Amber, I totally would love that. Our email is
    Ill try emailing you tonight!

    -xo meg

  4. I think mine looks worse than yours did! I'm so bad about just throwing stuff in there.

  5. Very cute post. My closet looks like a bomb went off in it. :( It needs painted and everything. I look forward to redoing it someday. Thanks for the inspiration.


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