MEET THE SPONSOR >> The Kavanaugh Report

Here is another great meet and greet from one of our sponsors.

Id like to introduce Nicole from The Kavanaugh Report!

Thanks Nicole for joining us! Now for some questions!

So, Tell me about your blog/shop?

The Kavanaugh Report is a parenting, tot schooling, dog wrangling, cooking, crafting, work-at-home mama blog.  

Who/What inspired you to start your blog/open your shop? 

Well, I started the blog to chronicle my life during law school. As law school, ended TKR evolved to my life with one hilariously grumpy baby.

What is your favorite post/item in your blog or shop?

 My favorite post is a flashback highlighting my son, Henry's famously pouty grumpy lip. This little boy just kills me with that lip:

Name a list of your top 5 favorite blogs or shops? 

Do you have any tips for new bloggers or shop owners?

 Be yourself and write about what you love. The best blogs are honest and true to life. 

Thank you so much for joining us and being a sponsor for us this month, and that pouty lip. So cute! 

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