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So, we moved in around the beginning of March, and we STILL havent had our friends over yet. Im a little embarassed to say that I am so ocd about making sure the condo is exactly how we would like it. I suppose that Alex really doesnt care too much. I love that hes always offering an opinion though, that makes me a happy girl! To conclude this story very shortly, we have decided to have a small gathering(formalish party) of Alex's friends. This excites me because I like to see the reaction of peoples faces when they see the retro decor that Alex and I love so very much. Myself especially. So here you have it ladies and gents, some great party ideas from some wonderfully favorite bloggers.

When it comes to DIY or cute ideas Elsie and Emma have it covered. Here are a few ideas that I love from them!

Fancy Dancy Cheese Platters!
You can find the How-To on this baby here!

Another lovely post from A Beautiful Mess.

3 Infused water ideas!
 found here.

Also from A Beautiful Mess.

Who can deny Cake Pops!?

Oh Happy Day
I am always finding adorable ideas here at Jordans blog! One great foodie party idea is the one below!

Veggie Boats!
Squee! I love them.
You can find them here.

Do you have any fancy adultish party ideas?! Those were mainly the food ones. As far as Im concerned Im not a huge party decorator. I just love the food, fun, & good company!



  1. Those are all so cute! I am not a party person, but these make me wish I was!


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