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I thought that I would finally share a little sneak peek of our condo! Considering we will be staying here a bit longer, why not share!?

1. This little deer I recently thrifted. I am not the biggest fan of gold, but if you love vintage it is one of those things you cant love without having it.
2. Books are an absolute must on the mantle!
3. My favorite thing on our record shelf is the lovely lamp. I got it at a local antique mall.
4. I got this little shelf for a dollar, its black but so lovely!
5. This is an Ikea chair. Not my typical but we need some more seating in the living room.
6. This is an overview.
7. I always wanted a tan globe and one day we found one! Cant forget the adorable fox!
8. After about a year of searching I found some paint by numbers. Not to mention they are perfect!
9. Our lovely star burst clock isn't vintage but the battery powered ones are hard to find!

I hope you enjoyed the preview! Come back soon for more!

Hey Love Muffin, and hello people of the interwebs! It's come to my attention that my awesome ceramic(?) wizard has once again been omitted from a post made by Meg.  So I've decided to acknowledge his presence! You can see his brilliance in the bottom right of the sixth image!  Upon his wizard tower which is a gift for defeating the possessed caterpillar pot of hideousness. (There's a post about that on here! I promise!)

I know it's small and blurry! But he is glorious and stands forever vigilant in the name of the Kingdom of LivinRom!
Have a magnificent day!
Love you Meg!


  1. LOVE it!! That fireplace is perfection. I wish our house had a mantle and a fireplace...but alas another thing that I overlooked when buying the house. That record stand looks like one from UO that I've been pining over...hopefully I can make that investment before they sell out! Thanks for the tour :)

    1. Thanks so much! When we got our condo it was a winner for me because I had to have something with a little bit of charm. I almost bought a record stand from UO when I ran across that one at an antique store!

    2. PS. Love your blog so much! The outfit posts are adorable!

  2. I love your home! It looks so cozy!


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