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Right now we are running passion-fruit ads, and super cheap deals until next month, tell them what they get Beemo! Meow, Meow, Meow... Okay I think you get the point, but really here is what you get.

LARGE ADS: $8.00 {4 Spots Left}
New Sponsors Feature//Top spot on the sidebar//DIY post or giveaway//A guest post

MEDIUM ADS: $6.00  {6 Spots Left}
New Sponsors Feature//Middle Spot on the sidebar//A guest post

SMALL ADS: $4.00 {5 Spots Left}
New Sponsors Feature//Bottom spot on the sidebar

I hope you can all join and be a part of our sponsors! Im also going to be doing a random drawn sponsor gift this month! I know we are already halfway through but we have to start somewhere! You can find more information about sponsoring us on our sponsor page.


  1. Your cats name is Beemo!?1? My dog's name is Teemo!

  2. Lol! Yep! Its from Adventure Time. Most people dont get it! LOL


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